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Have you ever woke up in the middle of the night totally stressed about what the IRS might do, or worse, is doing?  Have you thought...I need help, but I don't know where to go and how could I afford it anyhow! I have a stinking tax problem, If I had money, I'D PAY THE INFERNAL IRS!

When  you can't afford professional help, the next best thing is to have the knowledge of an IRS resolution professional at your side.   Do It Yourself IRS Help is designed to help you help yourself to find a solution with the all powerful IRS... at a fraction of the cost.

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Fix it with the IRS and get your peace of mind back!

Are you tired, completely exhausted, because you owe the IRS?   Sometimes people are getting beaten up financially by the IRS...  How can you live if the IRS is taking all your money?  However, sometimes its more about the FEAR.  You owe, and you KNOW it's a matter of time...

I know what's it's like to have a tax problem and it's horrible.  Many years ago I ended up owing the IRS and it ruined me financially.  This was way before I knew how to negotiate with the IRS.  30 years ago, no one knew.  I was one of the early ones to take on the specialty of dealing with the IRS for clients.  Before any of the 800 numbers, and before there were any national big box chains that claim to be IRS resolution firms, I started negotiating with the IRS.  Since then I've taken every course I could get my hands on and every certification I am aware of regarding negotiating with the IRS.  But my problem came before any of that even existed.  So, trust me, I know what the mental torment is like.  I know what its like to not have money with the IRS making claim to any hope of money coming in.  It's emotionally bankrupting and mentally haunting.  Under my bio I explain it a bit.  But all of that is to say, I also know that on the other side of it all is life and peace.  You just need to get there.

Now is the time to get right and get on with your life.  Put the IRS behind you and get your peace of mind back.  

You CAN do this!

About Us

Todd Whalen is the founder/owner of Advanced Tax Solutions, CPA, PC. AND Do It Yourself IRS Help (  During the course of business he saw a  need to help people who could not afford professional help. He could see the stress people were under, and it was obvious they could not pay the IRS, or a professional.   This program was designed because of that need and specifically to give hope to those who could not afford to engage a professional to do the negotiating.  DIY IRS help is a separate business based out of Wyoming, while Advanced Tax Solutions is a Colorado Professional Corporation.  So, while they are two different businesses, there is one owner (Todd Whalen), and one goal, to help people get a solution with the IRS.  The hope of this program is to help you solve your problem.  It's the least expensive, yet powerful, means of accomplishing a solution with the IRS that you can do without professional help.

Need Help with the IRS? Cost a factor?

There are two reasons to use this Do It Yourself program to solve your IRS issues. 

First, you absolutely cannot afford professional help.  All the great advice in the world isn't worth a thing if you don't have the money to pay for it.

Second, your problem is small and it doesn't make sense to pay someone to fix it for you.  Let's face it, if you owe $4,000 to the IRS, but the professional help quote is $5,000, it simply doesn't make sense!

But the IRS is still out there.  And you know it's just a matter of time until something really bad happens.  You know this, but until now, there wasn't much you could do about it.

Are you Ready?

Are you ready to fix your IRS problem and move forward with life?
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  • Know the pitfalls and avoid painful mistakes
  • Know when the IRS will demand invasive financial info.
  • Understand to IRS Rules
  • An overview of the Payment Plan process
  • Understand 3 ways to set up a payment plan 
  • Stop the IRS from Levying





  • An overview of the Offer Process
  • An explanation of each form the IRS requires
  • Line by Line instruction on how to complete each page
  • The knowledge base of 30 years professional experience
  • Stop IRS Levies!





  • A program designed specifically for small business owners
  • An overview of the Offer Process
  • An explanation of each form the IRS requires
  • Line by Line instruction on how to complete each page
  • The knowledge base of 30 years professional experience
  • Stop IRS Levies!

Your Host - Todd Whalen

Todd Whalen is your guide with short, concise, and line by line instructions to guide you through the IRS maze and forms.   Todd Whalen is a nationally licensed EA (Enrolled Agent)  and Colorado CPA (Certified Public Accountant).  Todd was the 298 person since 1942 (over 70 years)  to be able to pass an IRS test that allows him to sue the IRS for Abuse of Power in Collection matters.  He's also a Certified Tax Resolution Specialist, as well as a NAEA fellow (the National Association of Enrolled Agent's highest professional designation for IRS Resolution).  Todd has a Master of Taxation from DU law school.   Todd has been featured on "Colorado's Best" television, and has been featured on radio stations such as KHOW, KBPI, KRKS, The Fox, and KLZ for his expertise in IRS resolution.  With Todd's decades of experience, he will give you advice beyond the IRS instructions to get you the best deal possible with the IRS.

How it Works

The forms you need will be identified.  Then line by line, Todd Whalen will go through the form explaining what the IRS wants.  Each video is identified by the type of Expense or Asset  that pertains to a line of the form.  You can easily skip any sections that do not pertain to you, so you can laser focus on the information necessary for your personal circumstances.  He will explain what the IRS directions are looking for, and more importantly, what the directions omit.  Many of the best money saving features are buried in the Internal Revenue Manual (I.R.M.).  These pearls of what the IRS will allow are scattered in the I.R.M.'s hundreds of pages.  Todd will bring to you, line by line, the decades of experience he has acquired negotiating with the IRS.  In other words, you will get real life experience explaining how to get the best outcome.  Any one of his money saving ideas that you will not find in the instructions will more than save the entire price of the program.  

Who is this program for?

This program is designed to help people with an IRS problem to be able to fix the problem themselves.  Right now, there are two modules.  The first one is to help a wage earner prepare an Offer In Compromise.  The second is to help individuals set payment plans with the IRS.  These modules are for those who cannot afford professional help. Professional help is ALWAYS the best option.  As a side note, and not to discourage you from buying the program, if you have significant assets (especially cash) the amount could increase the amount you are required to pay the IRS in an Offer In Compromise. Your offer is based on your ability to pay.  The more you have, the higher the offer. So, if that's you, you are welcome to contact Advanced Tax Solutions, CPA, PC 303-753-6040 or visit them at:

If you have assets and pay Advanced Tax Solutions, CPA, PC to file your offer in compromise, the money you use could reduce your Offer In Compromise dollar for dollar. It's almost like the IRS paying your fees out of what they would have gotten.  If that's you, contact Advanced Tax Solutions, CPA, PC today!!!


If you can't afford professional help, continue with the Do It Yourself IRS Help modules to get this behind you!

Now is the time

It's better to start this process BEFORE the IRS is taking action against you.  Once they start taking things, it's very hard to stop them.  At that point, you will most likely need professional help.  Today is the day to change your life.

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